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    B2 - Chce więcej


od 149 pln/ 60 min

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Market Leader- face to face

język angielski

Here are key aspects you will cover in such a course:

Business Vocabulary: Building a strong business-related vocabulary to effectively communicate in professional settings, including industry-specific terms.

Business Writing Skills: Enhancing written communication skills for drafting emails, reports, proposals, and other business documents with clarity and professionalism.

Business Presentations: Developing skills to confidently deliver presentations, whether it’s pitching ideas, presenting reports, or leading meetings.

Negotiation and Communication Skills: Learning effective negotiation techniques and improving overall communication skills crucial for business interactions.

Business Etiquette: Understanding and practicing appropriate business etiquette, including cultural considerations and norms in professional environments.

Networking Language: Acquiring language skills for networking situations, including socializing, making connections, and building professional relationships.

Case Studies and Role-plays: Engaging in practical exercises such as case studies and role-plays to simulate real-world business scenarios.